2018 in a Peanut Shell

With another year written in the books it felt appropriate to take a look back at the successes and challenges of 2018 before diving into our Winter planning preparations for 2019. This was the second year we've kept a log of our vegetable yields and we were amazed at the results! We tracked both the … Continue reading 2018 in a Peanut Shell

Live, Laugh, Luffa

This past season we introduced an interesting vegetable that's a little outside of the "planter" box: the luffa (also spelled loofah) gourd, an all natural alternative to scrubbing sponges for the kitchen and bathroom. This prolific vine, with it's vibrant yellow flowers and wandering tendrils, was fun and rewarding to grow. Luffa are not frost … Continue reading Live, Laugh, Luffa

Musquee De Provence For Days!

Its mid-September: the days are getting shorter and cooler, and we are in pumpkin paradise! We've already harvested over 80 lbs of Musquee De Provence, aka Fairy Tale Pumpkin and there are more ripening on the vine still. This is a beautiful heirloom variety originally from France known for it's deep lobes and intensely orange … Continue reading Musquee De Provence For Days!

Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream – Recipe

Today was a fun adventure at a local farm, Agriberry.  They hosted an open-house for the public to pick your own berries. We came home with raspberries, black berries, and black raspberries. We were so excited to see black raspberries! When I had family living in Ohio, we would go to Handles for homemade ice … Continue reading Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream – Recipe