Build Series – Garden Pergola

We are very excited to share our next project - The Garden Pergola! Not to be confused with a patio pergola, as we already have a screened in porch. The pergola will serve a few purposes. First this will be our way to reuse our wedding arch (just in time for Valentine's Day too). Second, … Continue reading Build Series – Garden Pergola


Seedling Station

Its the beginning of February and we're already sharing our excitement for our summer garden! People usually respond with "isn't it a bit early for gardening?" Not if you start your seedlings indoors! We even had some success transplanting seedlings who's packages recommend direct sow. Seedlings don't read the packages so if you're motivated to … Continue reading Seedling Station

The Grim Gardener

What is this post about you might wonder? Scything! I am THAT neighbor. The scythe is the perfect marriage our two loves: gardening and Halloween. Used to cut tall grasses or crops, the scythe is a handy tool not often found in the shed of most gardeners today. I found myself looking into alternative ways … Continue reading The Grim Gardener

Build Series – Raised Garden Bed

We've received quite a few questions and compliments on our raised beds over the years so we thought we'd use the opportunity to do our first build series. We felt these beds were a decent compromise between affordable and aesthetic. You could always get away with less but we liked how these turned out, and … Continue reading Build Series – Raised Garden Bed